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THE Michelle McLean Children Trust was established in 1992 following the historic event in Bangkok, Thailand, where Miss Namibia, Michelle McLean, was crowned Miss Universe. The Trust is today one of the most active and visible welfare organisations in Namibia and directs all its time, resources and effort towards the children of our country.

Under Michelle McLean`s motto, "If you can imagine it, you can do it," the Trust`s mission is to amongst others assist and encourage the youth of Namibia to commit themselves to their future and to the future of Namibia. The Trust was founded to encourage Namibian children to make their dreams become a reality, to help the children of Namibia to be elevated to the radiance of their fullest potential.

Michelle McLean, still actively involved in all activities of the Trust and also serving chairperson, was honored during 1998 with an Achievement Award at the Miss Universe Pageant for her personal achievements and the successes of the Trust. By receiving this award Michelle has done Namibia proud and created a tremendous amount of public awareness of our country internationally.

The aims of the MMCT is:

- To establish a source of outstanding well finished potential leaders

- To uplift the youth in general

- To comply with the demands of an increasingly sophisticated local and international environment, and

- To be productive and successful partners within their socio/economic communities.

The MMCT has been involved and initiated various projects throughout Namibia to support and encourage children in Namibia. This however would not have been possible without the support of His Excellency the President of Namibia, and Patron of the MMCT, Dr Sam Nujoma, private companies in Namibia, individuals, children, NGO`s, as well as support from overseas. Various funds were made available to different worthy causes and the Trust believes that a solid foundation was laid on which the MMCT and the children of Namibia can build.

The MMCT has also made a major contribution to National Reconciliation, as well as to promote Democracy in Namibia. The MMCT is aware that it cannot solve all the problems in Namibia on its own, but by making a contribution in this respect, the Trust has definitely helped in making Namibia get ahead in the last few years. The MMCT is proud to be involved with the National Planning Commission of Namibia in its activities to promote and support activities of children in Namibia.

Updated: 2011-10-14

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31 years of making a difference
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