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Heart of a child

Initiatives completed or supported by the MMCT in the past.

"Baby Sinvula" Sinvula was the first Namibian child that recieved direct financial assistance from MMCT for a heart operation. He was only 3 months old when he was airlifted to Cape Town for the emergency open heart surgery that saved his life in 1994. Today Sinvula is healthy andliving in Katima Mulilo
The Heart of a Child Project was launched on 13 August 1998, with the late Dr Chris Barnard from South Africa. Over the past 8 years this project has helped more than 40 children from as young as 3 months with heart surgery.

The first real challenge and project of the Michelle McLean Children Trust was that of Baby Sinvula (Sinvula Majakube) who needed emergency heart surgery in Cape Town when he was only six months old. Baby Sinvula suffered from a life threatening heart problem and his condition was deteriorating rapidly.

Doctors feared for his life if emergency heart surgery was not conducted within ten days. The Trust undertook to raise enough funds to save the life of this innocent child. The operation at the City Park Hospital in Cape Town was successful and today he is a healthy youngster living a normal life in Katima Mulilo.

The Heart of a Child Fund`s aim since 2005 is to evaluate all the previous patients` basic needs and to assist them where possible.

Zack du Toit
Suama Petrus
Antonius Karukua
Ngumeritiza Kahuure
Maria Shigweda
Wickus du Toit
Vistorina Uugwanga
Sharika Beukes
Rico Xoagub
Ndilikelwa Johannes
Mwadhina Shilongo
Martin Johannes
Hilya Nyambali Shanginga
Frederick Hashigukile
Eugene Wheal
Emilia Nicanor
Chaun VIsagie

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