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Dr Sam Nujoma Garden

Initiatives completed or supported by the MMCT in the past.

Dr Sam Nujoma Garden of Hope Project - Otjomuise

The MMCT were indeed pleased to make a contribution of N$20 000.00 for the final phase of this much needed project for the Khomasdal - North Constituency in the Otjomuise Area.

We want to congratulate the Khomasdal-North Constituency for the part they played to make this project a reality which the Community started in the informal settlement of Otjomuise, at the Otjomuise Project School. We applaud the Ministry of Education who provide the land to start the project. Furthermore, we also want to congratulate the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to set up a Greenhouse at the site and have taken the responsibility of all various infrastructure and training program needs.

We believe that the output from the garden can provide the much needed supplement to soup kitchens, especially to primary schools, in particular for OVC`s, people living with HIV/AIDS and those suffering from Tuberculosis.

The training in gardening which will be of utmost importance to those unemployed youth, volunteers and women who themselves can be empowered by the generous contributions by the private and public at large.

The MMCT trusts that they will make a success of this contribution and wish them all the best with the excellent effort they presented to the community in the Otjomuise Area.

Updated: 2020-08-13

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