We REMAIN committed to the YOUTH of NAMIBIA, improving their quality of life by ENCOURAGING  them  to recognise OPPORTUNITIES and to unlock their limitless POTENTIAL by realising their DREAMS and thereby INSPIRING them to be the POSITIVE change in the WORLD

   Opportunities : Financial Skills

Projects and initiatives completed or supported by the MMCT in the past.


One of the main problems in Namibia is poverty.  Thousands of Namibians suffer because of very low wages and appalling living conditions. The government does not have the funds to eradicate the problem and therefore other ways and means must be explored to try and free our country from these conditions.

There is a simple rule that many of us have forgotten: If we spend it all today we will have nothing for tomorrow.  We all know that we should be saving, yet many of us still do not save, or do not save enough.  We come up with all sorts of excuses.  We always think that we will be able to catch up.  The sad truth is that we won’t.  Successful saving is all about time — the longer we save, the more our money grows.

The project has been designed to improve the participants’ understanding of money matters and consequently, enable them to improve their standard of living and future opportunities.  This project provides training in financial skills and is designed to teach people how to work with their income in the most effective way.

Whether we are rich or poor, whether we have money left at the end of each month or whether we are short, we all need to use a budget to control what we do with our money.

A budget is the steering-wheel that keeps us on the road.

Objectives of the programme

  • To solve the problem of poverty from a different perspective  -  by         empowering the youth of this country with knowledge of financial skills
  • To teach learners how to manage their limited income to improve their quality of life
  • To solve the problems that arise from the way they manage their money.

Updated: 2010-03-30

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