We REMAIN committed to the YOUTH of NAMIBIA, improving their quality of life by ENCOURAGING  them  to recognise OPPORTUNITIES and to unlock their limitless POTENTIAL by realising their DREAMS and thereby INSPIRING them to be the POSITIVE change in the WORLD

   Developing Potential : Operation Smile

Projects and initiatives completed or supported by the MMCT in the past.

MMCT lends a hand

Two student volunteers, Maigon Archer and Alida Van Der Walt from Windhoek Afrikaanse Private School will be involved with the Operation Smile project during 10 April 2012 until 14 April 2012. Their duties will include the following:

  • Provide presentations to younger children on fire safety, dental hygiene, nutrition and clefts.
  • Work with the patients in Child Life
  • Coordinate “Surprise & Delight” for the volunteer team
  • Afterwards they will start a student`s club at WAP.
The primary schools they will visit is:
  • Michelle McLean Primary School
  • Moses Garoëb Primary School
  • Windhoek Afrikaanse Privaatskool
On the photo: Maigon Archer, Mr. D. Van Heerden (Director at WAP: Secondary School) Mrs. Marietjie Katthage (MMCT) and Alida Van Der Walt.

Congratulations to Maigon Archer from WAP for being crowned Miss WAP for 2012.

She was part of the Operation Smile Volunteer team, taking care of the kids who had just had a life changing operation.

Updated: 2012-07-19

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