We REMAIN committed to the YOUTH of NAMIBIA, improving their quality of life by ENCOURAGING  them  to recognise OPPORTUNITIES and to unlock their limitless POTENTIAL by realising their DREAMS and thereby INSPIRING them to be the POSITIVE change in the WORLD

   Opportunities : South Trip

Projects and initiatives completed or supported by the MMCT in the past.

Updated: 2014-02-18


The Michelle McLean Children Trust together with Michelle McLean-Bailey was invited to attend the Luderitz Career Expo.

Michelle McLean-Bailey was asked to be the key-note speaker.

Brain profiles were also done to the learners visiting the expo helping them to make the correct study choices.

With our visit to Luderitz, we also handed out blankets, food and clothing to the Luderitz & Keetmanshoop area. Michelle also paid a visit to PK de Villiers. As well as the popular Kolmanskop in Luderitz.

Updated: 2014-03-27

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