We REMAIN committed to the YOUTH of NAMIBIA, improving their quality of life by ENCOURAGING  them  to recognise OPPORTUNITIES and to unlock their limitless POTENTIAL by realising their DREAMS and thereby INSPIRING them to be the POSITIVE change in the WORLD

   Potential : Place of Safety

Projects and initiatives completed or supported by the MMCT in the past.

The Michelle McLean Children Trust Place of Safety was established and registered with the Ministry o Health and Social Services in Katutura in 1996.

The MMCT Place of Safety accommodates only 10 (ten) children at a time. Children can then be adopted or placed in foster homes and this will allow Place of Safety to take in other needy children. The Michelle McLean Children Trust supports the centre with food, equipment and clothing, as well as a monthly salary for the housemother.

Updated: 2010-04-08

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