We REMAIN committed to the YOUTH of NAMIBIA, improving their quality of life by ENCOURAGING  them  to recognise OPPORTUNITIES and to unlock their limitless POTENTIAL by realising their DREAMS and thereby INSPIRING them to be the POSITIVE change in the WORLD

   Opportunities : General Assistance

The following beneficiary received dry food & (MMCT clothing & kitchenware). Mr Johannes Amutenya (Cell: 081 725 2020) (NB! Johannes in red t-shirt with his friends). Havana Informal Settlement Shack burned down on 9 October, Tuesday 2012. (Namibian front page - 10 October 2012 - Wednesday): 1 x 50kg Maize 1 x 50kg Rice, 1 x 30kg Spaghetti, MMCT contribution - clothing & kitchenware.

Catering Out There
Saunderson & Co
Atlas Copco
Hotel Europa Hof
Cymot Pty (Ltd)
Roman Catholic Hospital Windhoek
Avis Rent A Car
Shoprite Supermarkets Namibia (Pty) Ltd
Anglogold Ashanti Namibia (Pty) Ltd
Mayor of Windhoek

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